Food for Events

With experience at a wide range of South West festivals including Sidmouth Folkweek, Larmer Tree, Vegfest, Dartmouth Food Festival and so many more, our street food style event catering will
tantalise your tastebuds...

Two Coast County

Did you know that Devon is the only county with two coastlines? And between those two stretches of beautiful coast is the gorgeous Devon countryside, with sunshine beating down on patchwork hills of luscious green grass, iconic moorland, quaint towns and lots more in-between. With this amazing landscape to inspire us, it’s no surprise the South West is full of quality producers and suppliers, from locally reared meats to organic drinks and tasty Devon cheeses.

Two Coast County is our contribution to the celebration and promotion of the taste of Devon and the surrounding counties, through delicious festival food!

Sample Menu

Tip Top Chip Shop

Sometimes at a festival, only chips will do! Thats why we’ve jazzed up the usual dips you’d expect to see and added a little Well Dressed twist. Tip Top Chip Shop works well alongside Two Coast County, or on it’s own where it can also be adapted for vegetarian and vegan festivals.

Sample Menu